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Seasonal Landscape Cleanups

Professional garden care:
the necessary work for each season

Seasonal Landscape Cleanups on the South Shore of Massachusetts

Service maintenance for a suburban area, house territory, or other green area is seasonal. Of course, the exact list of work orders for each project individually is determined by the scope of work, but the general scheme remains unchanged. Spring: The pruning of plants is carried out before the start of sap flow. A top dressing is introduced, which is necessary for full growth and development during the entire growing season. In addition, plants need to be treated for pests and pathogens. Spring: is also the best time to plant new plants. Summer: The basis of the summer calendar is regular watering. In addition, in summer, green spaces should be periodically inspected, cleaned of dead parts, and treated for pests. Lawns will need regular mowing. Fall: after the completion of leaf fall, branches are pruned and treated for pests for a comfortable wintering, removing fall leaves and debris. It is also necessary to apply fertilizers that will allow the plants to overwinter without damage. Winter: the main task is to remove snow, which can cause branches to break. You also need to monitor whether rodents damage the plants - and take action if necessary.

Trust us for comprehensive seasonal landscape cleanups on the South Shore of Massachusetts to keep your front garden landscaping, home landscaping, and green areas looking their best year-round.

Fall Cleanup by Green Giant Landscaping. South Shore of Massachusetts

Costs and prices for site care


To determine the price of the gardener’s service we need to know the entire scope of work:

·       List of service operations, and their complexity.

·       The frequency of visits of workers to service the site.

·       The need for specialized equipment.

·       The cost of consumables (seeds, fertilizers, bactericidal and          insecticidal treatments).

·       Remoteness of the site, etc.


But in any case, our prices for the care of the site turned out to be affordable. The pricing policy of the company is quite democratic because the services of qualified specialists can suit the widest range of customers.

Seasonal Cleanups

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